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Sexual Staying Power, Increase Sexual Experience

Erotic massage is something both lovers need to explore and take the time to make the most of their sexuality. Trying new techniques, using sexual positioning furniture, massage stroking and other erotic techniques are discussed. Enjoying a healthy sex life is unbelievably rewarding.

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What to Do If Your Partner Has Low Sexual Desire

Does your spouse or partner have low libido and are no longer interested in sex? Don't despair - here are some things you can do about it.

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How to Get Women Into Bed - 3 Tips to Make Yourself More Sexually Appealing to a Woman

You have to admit that if you are eager to learn how to get women into bed, then you are going to have to find a way to make yourself more sexually appealing to women. You can't just hope that you are going to be able to get a woman into bed without putting some effort into the way that you look and the vibe that you give off. If you are going to get good with women, then you do have to be able to make yourself a lot more attractive in a sexual sense to women.

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2 Methods Of Erection Enhancement

Do you experience any kind of erection problems? This can be either small erections or loss of erection control. Then give it a shot and see if erection enhancement can solve your problems and help you become more confident in your performance. Take a first step to a better sexual life by choosing the most suitable method of erection enhancement.

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Now, smart phone app to direct people to free condoms!

The New York Health Department is going to launch a new app that tells smart phone users where they can get free Lifestyles condomsUsing GPS, the NYC Condom Finder Services app directs randy New Yorkers to one of the 1,000 centers across the five boroughs where lubricated Lifestyles brand condoms are handed out for free.Representational picture"New Yorkers are mobile, so we need to reach them both with sexual health information and easy access to service information wherever they...

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Role Playing Tips For A Woman To Improve On Her Sexual Performance

Do you harbor secret dreams of being a maiden in distress who meets a bad cop or been taken advantage of by a sexy stranger? Or, are your dreams a little naughtier, maybe weaseling your way out of being arrested, by seducing the one person who has the power to let you go?

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Why Couples Should Ask Each Other Intimate Sex Questions

When you want more sizzle in your sex life, you need to find out what get's you both hot first. Discover what turns your lover on with fun sex questions for couples. Reveal secret sexual desires and come up with naughty new sex play ideas. Improve your relationship with hot talk about a variety of intimate topics.

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The Crazy Things You Can Do With A Naked Woman

Hitting a sexual low-key? Do not worry. There is nothing wrong with you. Are you in the mood to try something different or abnormal tonight?

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How to Sexually Attract Women Without Trying Too Hard

You would have to have been living under a rock for most of your life if you have never heard that it is a bad thing for a guy to act like he is totally desperate to try and make a woman feel sexually attracted to them. You should know that giving off that vibe that you are trying just way too hard to make a woman feel sexual attraction for you is going to make you seem totally unattractive to most women. Well, where does that leave you if you are used to coming across as being desperate?

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Sexual Stimulation

For many women sexual stimulation and sexual intimacy are very much joined together, and whilst males can be 'in the mood' at almost any time, it is often said, that a woman has to be in the mood first. Of course, with the right forms of sexual stimulation and arousal, a woman can soon become more aroused and feel sexy.

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