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Sexual Compatibility With a Woman Depends on This

There are some out there who try and act as if sexual compatibility does not really matter that much when it comes to relationships and I would have to absolutely disagree with that line of thinking. Sure, it sounds like the politically correct thing to say, to assume that relationships don't depend so much on the sexual aspects. The thing is, that is not really the way that it is, no matter how nice it may sound to some people.

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How To Make A Girl Orgasm - Become A Sexual Master Overnight

Reignite a complacent relationship, sexually addict your partner, and boost your own self-esteem by learning how to make a girl orgasm. Relationships are failing at an alarming rate. Don't become a statistic...learn how to be the best lover you can be!

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Sexual Health Problems Among Middle-Aged Women

Women are difficult creatures to understand. They can be nothing and everything at the same time; compassionate and fierce, tough and tender, beautiful and ugly. I guess God made them that way to make life interesting; to keep men second guessing them.

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Teens admit going 'further than intended' sexually when drunk

Many teenagers admit going too far sexually than intended while they are drunk leading to pregnancies and spread of diseases, senior doctors have warned According to the Royal College of Physicians, excessive drinking and sex was a "cocktail" for teenage pregnancies and infections. The report urged GPs and nurses to ask teenagers about their drinking habits when they turn up to sexual health clinics for contraception or the morning-after pill. Representational Pic The...

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The Importance Of Tantra Breathing

Is tantra breathing really important? If you are looking for greater sexual control, it certainly is. Tantra sex is all about mastery over one's passions, and tantra breathing techniques taught by a qualified tantric teacher can go a long way in achieving this.

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Now, a lube for 'women to get in the mood in minutes'

Kris Jenner, matriarch of the Kardashian family, has become the new face of a sex-enhancing lube. The 56-year-old has signed on to promote Zestra Essential Arousal Oil, which claims to enhance a woman's sexual pleasure by heightening sensitivity to touch. The mother-of-five said that she was very excited to align herself with the brand, as "everyone deserves a fabulous love life". "You know, it's funny, my girlfriends and I often talk about finding ways to make...

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Popularity of Penis Extenders

Lots of people believe that the male enhancement phenomena began as result of changing human sexuality. Some think that the modern man developed some kind of male vanity as a result of much higher sexual activities. This is not entirely true.

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Adult Dating - Is Picking Up for Both Genders?

There has always been a gap of misunderstanding between people with different tastes. Some people like chocolates, animals, sports and some of them like to engage in sexual activities with others. People in modern society prefer to be non-monogamous. They usually involve internet-based networking services for swingers. Nowadays such sexual activity does not look like sexual revolution.

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I find my professor's naughty jokes irritating

Dear Diana,I'm a 17-year-old college student. One of our popular, young professors keeps on cracking jokes during lectures (sometimes even sexual ones!) and expects the students to laugh along. I feel this is not right. I often feel like leaving the classroom to make a statement but then I sit through the class. Maybe I've got a rigid sense of humour but I'm definitely not comfortable with a person who is abusing the power and attention bestowed by an educational institution....

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Female Orgasms - Find Out What 90% Of Sex-Experts Aren't Telling You About...

Discover what most so-called 'sex-experts' are failing to tell you about giving your woman SEXUAL PLEASURE and mind-blowing orgasms. In this article you'll find out about two areas of your woman's vagina (that if touched correctly), will give her the most incredible ORGASMS of her life. So if you want to start having MUCH BETTER SEX tonight, read on now...

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